Young Whistlers

Peter Tolan and his team of Sion Bowen, Kindy Devgun, Ricky Rees, Alex Thomas and Harry Walbaum manage the Young Whistlers Scheme, reporting through to the Exec. Their role is to provide training and mentoring for fledgling officials to develop their skills towards being considered for the adult ranks after reaching their 17th birthdays. They appoint qualified young referees aged between  14 and 17 years of age to junior matches at clubs and schools throughout the county and beyond Many of our successful senior officials have graduated over the past few years through the YW scheme.  To recruit our future officials the Society organises a dedicated England Rugby Refereeing Award course each October half term for potential young officials. It also endeavours to appoint a mentor to accompany every Young Whistler when then are refereeing so offering them support and advice to improve their skills.    Anyone interested in joining the Young Whistlers should e-mail Peter Tolan at .

  1. Luke Pearce’s Presentation from 17 February 2015
  2. Refereeing Youth Rugby Regulation 15
  3. Age_Grade_Rugby_Disciplinary_Procedures
  4. Guidance_to_Age_Grade_Regulation_15
  5. IRB Global Trial Law Amendments – Age Grade Rugby
  6. Playing Rules for U11
  7. Playing Rules for U12
  8. Playing Rules for U13
  9. Playing Rules for U14
  10. Playing Rules for U15-18
  11. YW Policy and Procedure Document