WhosTheRef Information

Match official appointments appoint@warwickref.com

All Appointments for Clubs and Referees are accessible by visiting www.whostheref.com You will need a login to access the site, please contact secretary@warwickref.com for further information.

The point of contact for Clubs & Match Officials to enquire about appointments is via the appointments email address appoint@warwickref.com .

Emergency use only – For last minute appointment issues, contact the WSOR Appointments Hotline 07710 612575. (You can leave a message on this number)

Match Officials

  1. You MUST update your availability on www.whostheref.com.
  2. If you are shown as available there is a possibility you will be appointed.
  3. If you are available and have not been appointed you are on Reserve and may be appointed in the event of a match official’s cry-off.
  4. Check your emails regularly during the season; you will be sent an email about your appointment and you must ACCEPT or DECLINE the appointment upon receipt.
  5. Failure to abide by point 4 above will result in your removal from the appointment and it being offered to another official.

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