Grading Committee is made up of the following Society members.

Jeff Williams  – Grading Chairman
Steve Challis – Appointments
Gwyn Airdrie – Senior Society Member and Mentor
Sion Bowen- Young Whistlers

Martyn Sly – Active Referee
Andy Jones – Match Observer


The Grading Committee meets monthly to review & discuss the performances of all the officials in the Society. A decision has been taken to modernise the way reports are submitted and reviewed in Warwickshire by integrating them with the WhostheRef appointments system . Now, whenever a match observer is appointed, the report is completed on-line using either the coaching form (for levels 9+) or the RFU assessment form (for levels 6,7 and 8). Periodic Coaching Summary Reports will also be completed on referees with appointed mentors. This reporting system is  being adopted by all leading Societies in the Country as the way forward. Games recorded on DVD will also be reviewed via the Society’s Dartfish TV Channel.

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WSOR Grading Policy

World Rugby Laws Exam

As you know as part of the Grading Policy of the Society, it is a necessity that you take and pass the World Rugby Laws Exam.

You will need to register to be able to take the exam and for the location click on the link below.

World Rugby Laws Exam

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