Referee Training Courses

Level 2 Referee Course

This course will be held at the Old Coventrians  RFC on Sunday 8 and Sunday 29 May 2016, 9am to 5pm. For further details and booking click on the link below to go to the RFU Website.

RFU Website

Level 2 and Mini-Midi Courses

The RFU’s Level 2 Referee Course is designed to provide new referees with the core skills to be able to referee rugby union. It is a two day course that develops into a later stage when the referee decides to join his/her local referee society.

If you choose to join a Referees Society, then you will be required to complete all parts of the Level 2. If, however, you wish to remain only within your own school, club, college or university, then you need only complete Level 2 Day 1 & 2, which consider the following aspects of refereeing:

  • Laws of the Game
  • Management and Control
  • Problem Solving
  • Refereeing the Key Phases of the Game
  • Positioning and Communication

Crucial to your learning is that a significant part of both stages is practically based for example you will have an opportunity to observe refereeing in practice, whilst demonstrating your own skills on the field of play.

What next?

If you need further advice on how to start refereeing or choosing an appropriate course, please contact a member of the RFU Match Official Development and Area Training Team (PDF 204kB).

If you are ready to get going, go to the online course booking system, which allows you to search by course type, region, postcode or date before booking and paying for your course.

Cost of the course above is £50.00 per head.  Further information from Warwickshire’s RFU Regional Referee Trainer, Peter Tolan on 024 7646 7231 or

Other Match Official Courses

Course Type Course Title Course Descriptor
Foundation:Player Safety and Well Being Rugby Ready Duration: 3 hoursCost: £15 (Min. Age: 14*)The World Rugby (IRB) Rugby Ready programme was launched to educate, aid and support players, coaches, match officials on the importance of sufficient preparation for training and playing in order for rugby to be played and enjoyed while reducing the risk of serious injury.
Scrum Factory Duration: 3 hoursCost: £15 (Min. Age: 14*)The Scrum Factory aims to increase the number of players able to play in the scrum, particularly the front row. The course is designed to help coaches and players to understand individual and collective techniques, as well as position specific conditioning. Meaningful sessions can be delivered regardless of numbers attending training and with minimal equipment and expense to the club or school.
Safeguarding Courses Play It Safe Duration: 3 HoursCost: £15 (Min. Age: 16*)This course is for any volunteer or coach at a club who is working with or has responsibility for children and vulnerable adults within rugby. By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify best practice and apply this within rugby
  • Know where to find support and guidance within the RFU
  • Identify signs and indicators of possible abuse and poor practice
  • State action to take if there is a concern or disclosure
  • Recognise their role in safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults


Refereeing Children  Duration: 3 hoursCost: £15 (Min. Age: 14*)This course has been designed specifically for those who wish to start their refereeing career, refereeing children (u8-u12s).This course will provide you with a solid basis on which you can continue to build and improve your skills as a referee.By the end of the course the delegates will:


  • Identify the qualities of a good referee
  • Identify the key requirements of refereeing children
  • Identify the required behaviours, attitudes, skills & knowledge of an effective children’s referee
  • Identify and practice key skills in a practical situation
  • Review their learning on the day


The course is a mixture of practical and classroom based activities.

Delegates must be aged 14 years of age or over.  No prior experience is necessary.


Mandatory Pre-course Tasks

  1. Refereeing Children Test found on
  2. Refereeing Children Pre-course Questionnaire which is sent to delegates following course booking.
  3. Complete World Rugby (IRB) online Rugby Ready course.


Level 2: Refereeing the 15-a-side game   Duration: 2 DaysCost: £50 (Min. Age: 14*)This course is for new and developing referees wanting to referee the 15-a-side game and will equip candidates with the skills and confidence to do so effectively. It is delivered using a mixture of practical and classroom based activities.By the end of the course the delegates will:


  • Have developed their refereeing goals and understand the principles of play
  • Understand how to plan and prepare to referee
  • Understand how to referee players of different ages and levels of experience
  • Be able to referee rugby union matches
  • Analyse their own performance and feedback from others and improve performance as a referee


The course is a mixture of practical and classroom based activities.

Delegates must be aged 14 years of age or over.


Mandatory Pre-course Tasks

  1. Complete World Rugby (IRB) online Rugby Ready course
  2. Complete World Rugby (IRB) online Laws test