Discipline – Sending Off Procedure


Download these guidelines on what needs to go in to the report and why. Discipline Report Guidance

Use these forms to report the offence:

Red Card Report Form 2018

Referee Abuse Form

At the time of the incident.

Make a note of the player’s full name and the position he/she is playing – ask him & write it on your score-sheet. Confirm it with his captain. Note the time during the game & the score What was the dismissal for? – Make a note! + What led up to it- ruck/maul/scrum etc. Note your position in relation to the incident: i.e. 3 metres away, unobstructed view. Show the player the red card. Did the player offer an apology to you after the game, if so make a note and mention it in your report.

After the match.

Do not discuss the dismissal in the bar with anyone. Go back home, collect your thoughts and inform the Society Discipline Secretary within 24 hours. Complete the front of the form – answer the questions. On the rear – fill in the match conditions. Now – the blank bit! Where on the pitch did it happen? Who was the attacking team? What actually happened? Was your view clear or obstructed, were any injuries caused to any player? Did he receive treatment on/off the pitch? Did you show the player a red card? Any other relevant information – did the player apologise to you after the game in the clubhouse? Remember to be clear and decisive – believe in what you saw – that’s why you sent the player off! Do not make your views on the incident known, you are there to simply enforce the laws not pass comment on their effect.

Submission of reports

Who needs to know?

Inform the Society Discipline Secretary, Ian Roberts, Tel 07777 604393 or e-mail discipline@warwickref.com no later than 24 hours after the match. The Society Discipline Secretary will need to know the Player’s correct name, position, Club and the reason for the sending off i.e. Punch, Stamp etc.  Do not discuss the incident with anyone else.

Who do I send the report to?

Your report must be sent direct to the County Discipline Secretary Kim Challis kim.challis@btinternet.com  as soon as possible after the match and no later than 48 hours; a copy should also be sent to the Society Discipline Secretary, discipline@warwickref.com for his records.
Match Official Abuse Reports to be sent to County Discipline Secretary and Society Discipline Secretary within 7 days following the match. Please sign and date your reports.

Player sent off following recommendation of Assistant Referee (AR)

The referee must submit his report and if he hasn’t seen the incident ensure a tick in the relevant box. The AR MUST also submit a report to describe the incident leading up to the reason for his decision.

Player sent off in schools or youth fixtures (U18)

You must hand to the coach or teacher responsible for the team a Schools/Youth Disciplinary Tick Box Report. (Copies available via Downloads) This enables them to discipline the player internally. You must still submit a Sending Off Report or Match Abuse Report  as above.

Disciplinary Hearing

After your report has been submitted the County will hold a disciplinary hearing. Your presence will not normally be required unless the player challenges your decision. The disciplinary panel may then contact you and ask you to attend or perhaps phone you during the hearing to ask you to clarify your decision. This is very rare. The panel will then hand down any suspension to the player and notify the Society, who will then pass on the results of the hearing to the referee.

An idea of the recommended tariffs can be found using this link: World Rugby Discipline Tariffs