AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM of the Warwickshire Society of Referees takes place at Earlsdon RFC on Monday 6 June 2016, starting at 7-30 pm. Reports will be added here as received.

You will notice that there is an agenda item for “Changes to the Constitution”. There is a proposal for a major re-write due to there being many contradictions, things not being in line with how the game, or the Society is run and also alterations in readiness for the Society becoming a voting member of the RFU, if that’s what we choose to do. Below is a Zip file of the proposed constitution.

The following have been nominated

Position                                                                                                   Proposed by                                   Seconded by:

Chairman – Vacant

Secretary – John Neale.                                                                      Nigel Scott                                       Jeremy Nesbitt

Treasurer – Howard Russell.                                                              Ian Roberts                                  Mary Roberts

Appointments Secretary – Dave Smith.                                         Jason Newell                                    Hayden Sargeant

Chair of Grading – Ryan Smith.                                                       Peter Tolan                                      Alex Thomas

Chair of Training & Developement – Alex Thomas.                     Peter Tolan                                      Ryan Smith

Recruitment and Retention Officer – Chris Berwick.                   Dave Smith                                      Andrew Jones

Proposed Constitution

AGM 2015 minutes

Agenda AGM 2016


President’s Report

Chairman’s Report          Job Description

Secretary’s Report           Job Description

Treasurer’s Report to be presented at Finance AGM          Job Description

Appointments Report    Job Description

T&D Report                     Job Description

Grading Report              Job Description

Recruitment Report     Job Description

Young Whistlers Report